Friday, 28 June 2013

Wimbledon 'commentary' on BBC Radio 5 live

Listening to BBC Radio 5 Live's Wimbledon commentary of Murray v Roberdo this evening, it started off as you'd expect, ball by ball commentary of each game, which was interrupted by the news and a round up of the day's play.

The third set had started and then suddenly the commentator announces that he's interviewing players who'd been knocked out, but after 5 minutes of these 'interviews' they announced that it was a 16 year old "internet sensation" impressionist had been doing them.

Now I don't begrudge the young man, however what the hell were 5 live doing this amount of padding during a game?  Now people in the industry will say "you could listen on 5 live Sports Extra" which is fine if you have digital or online.  However, what will the commuter with an analogue radio do expecting to hear the match and get banality instead?

You wouldn't have this nonsense during an English Premier League football match, so why does the BBC have this editorial policy of anything but the game during one of the major Tennis tournaments of the season?

If we were fully digital with radio as we are with tv, I could understand why 5 live would take an alternative look at Wimbledon, but while we still have analogue, it's a poor show.

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