Monday, 27 May 2013

First post

Welcome to the first Radio Rental post.  For over 12 years, I discussed the wonderful medium of radio and the politics behind it on the usual media related forums.

After becoming disillusioned with the repetitive comments on forums which include on regular rotation, the hatred of one media group who have descended from a group who introduced mass market networking to Britain to the extent that anything slightly negative is spun to be a massive blow, to DAB radio being a dead duck although sales of receivers continue to rise and be used by 'Joe Public' as seen in the Rajar (the organisation which measures radio listening) figures for digital only stations.

So like the radio professionals, I've moved to blogging to discuss radio.  Some of my posts will be in-depth analysis, others will be observations I've heard while listening to  output.

I don't expect everyone to agree with my views, however, I expect replies to be constructive and respectful to me and other contributors and people I feature in my blog posts.

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